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DOFUS Touch: The Way To Make Kamas Effectively

DOFUS Touch: The Way To Make Kamas Effectively

Pet Taming

This is the longest way to make kamas but at the end of this you can end up with 200mk + ( depending on the pets / amount of pets you got / get ).
I'd prefer getting pets that sell for a lot ( not subscription pets now ) possibly Nomoons. They sell for ( at max stats ) 3-4mk ish. So get as many pets as possible ( and make sure you know what they eat ! ) and start feeding them once every 12 hrs ( some pets can eat once every 6 hours but it can get confusing so stick with 12 hrs ). It takes about 6 months to get a Nomoon to max stats so try buy as many as you can ( they can also be obtained by doing some moon island quest ).

Hunter / Butcher

Only do this if you can kill frigost monsters ( preferably solo ).
Once you get lv100 on this proffesion go and kill koalaks or frigost monsters ( koalak meat gives +600 hp if I remember right ). Mastogobs, kanigloos, pingwins, snowfouxes and bearbarian monsters all drop meats.
If I remember right cubed meat ( kanigloo meat ) gives +600 hp. Snowfoux steak +800 hp. I guess bearbarian meat will give +1k hp. Sell the +600 meats for around 100-150kk ea 100 ( easy to farm if you know what your doing ). +800 hp meat for 160-200kk. +1k hp for 180-230kk. ( possibly more but the price is your choice ! ).
Show your meats in the trade channels and say that these are much better then wasting money on bread ( in fact it is ). As people get to see these meats better they will want to buy them and you can sell them their meats.

Almanax Advantage

Take advantage of almanax by selling 500+ of each item needed ( 7 days ahead ) and make it have a crazy price. This actually works well and can make you pretty rich in a short amount of time.

Exo Maging

This is the most risky of all kama making options. You will need around 10mk worth of ga pa runes and an item ( preferably an endgame ring such as fuji ring or kringlove ).
I'm not a pro at this ( but I did it before on my 9th rune....extremely lucky ) so ask around to see how to make exo maging as easy as possible. Exo maged fuji ring on rushu costs 30-50mk depending on stats !

Gelano Maging

This is still risky but not as risky as the one said above. Buy ga mpe runes and make a gelano have NO stats. Then add your mp runes and at the end add ga pa runes for a +1 ap +1mp gelano. Make sure you got customers first as these can be hard to sell at times. If you dont's have a large stockpile of runes, do not try it.